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Armingeon to step down as St. Johns Riverkeeper

Staff report

Neil Armingeon announced that he is stepping down in 2012 as St. Johns Riverkeeper.

Armingeon joined the St. Johns Riverkeeper organization in February 2003 and quickly became a trusted community leader on water issues, recognized as a passionate advocate and well-respected “voice of the river.”

Armingeon has been recognized for his outstanding service with numerous awards including the Congressman Charles Bennett Champion for the Environment Award, Folio Weekly’s 2004 Person of the Year, CSX Lifetime Environmental Achievement Award, Carol and Bob Grimes Environmental Award, and the 2011 Mayor\'s Award for Environmental Achievement.

The organization is currently in the process of conducting a nationwide search for the next St. Johns Riverkeeper. Armingeon will continue to serve as the St. Johns Riverkeeper until February of 2012, assisting with the search for his replacement and ensuring a successful transition.

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