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Groups sue to stop EPA from removing independent experts from advisory boards

Staff report

The Union of Concerned Scientists and Protect Democracy teamed up to challenge EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s directive that would ban anyone from serving on EPA advisory boards if they receive EPA grant funding.

Under the guise of improving advisory board balance, Pruitt is using this directive to populate advisory boards with industry-funded scientists and state government officials who have made a career fighting federal regulations.

Banning EPA grant recipients from EPA advisory boards excludes academic scientists from serving on EPA advisory boards in particular, since academics often rely on outside funding--from EPA or elsewhere--to conduct research, fund graduate students, and work in the public interest.

The reasoning behind this directive is likely to be that it's easier for Pruitt to delay, rollback or dismantle the EPA regulations that are designed to protect clean air, water and public health.

Source: Union of Concerned Scientists Blog

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