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EPA seeks input on drinking water perchlorate reg

Staff report

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency invites small businesses, governments and not-for-profit organizations to participate as small entity representatives for a small business advocacy review panel. This panel will focus on the agency’s development of a rule that proposes to regulate the amount of perchlorate in drinking water. Federal law requires agencies to establish a SBAR Panel for rules that may have a significant economic impact on a substantial number of small entities.

EPA has determined that perchlorate meets the federal Safe Drinking Water Act’s three criteria for regulating a contaminant. First, perchlorate may have adverse health effects. Scientific research indicates that perchlorate can disrupt the thyroid’s ability to produce hormones needed for normal growth and development. Second, there is a substantial likelihood that perchlorate occurs frequently at levels of health concern in public water systems--monitoring data show more than four percent of public water systems have detected perchlorate. Finally, there is a meaningful opportunity for health risk reduction for the between 5.2 million and 16.6 million people who may be served drinking water containing perchlorate.

The panel will include federal representatives from the Small Business Administration, the Office of Management and Budget, and EPA. The panel members ask a selected group of SERs to provide advice and recommendations on behalf of their company, community, or organization to inform the panel members about the potential impacts of the proposed rule on small entities.

EPA seeks self-nominations directly from the small organizations that may be subject to the rule requirements. Other representatives, such as trade associations that exclusively or at least primarily represent potentially regulated small entities, may also serve as SERs.

Self-nominations may be submitted through the link below and must be received by August, 26 2011. Nominate yourself as a SER at http://www.epa.gov/sbrefa/perchlorate.html.

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