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Hach releases durable streaming current monitor

Staff report

A durable and fast responding streaming current monitor is essential for reacting to changes in source water and keeping operating costs low. Hach Company’s new AF7000 sample chamber is encased in solid stainless steel and features a long-lasting industrial motor, providing drinking water operators with a heavy-duty product that monitors source water with less downtime.

The Hach AF7000 is built primarily with solid aluminum castings and stainless steel. Company officials sat it’s a great tool for optimizing a facility’s coagulation process, which helps reduce total chemical costs, while still giving operators the confidence and control they want to immediately respond to their raw water conditions.

Streaming current monitors measure the change in surface water charge. An operator sets the ideal chemical coagulant dosing level for the instrument, and then the instrument tracks changes to this ideal value, informing the operator of adjustments which need to be made in order to maintain the optimal dosing level. The AF7000 also has an optional controller which automatically changes chemical dosing at the pump to stay at the ideal dosing level.

The AF7000 has less than a one second response, making monitoring easier and allowing operators to take control of any situation almost immediately. And to maintain confidence in readings without complicated procedures, a single button will auto zero the monitor in less than five seconds.

Visit their web at www.hach.com for more information.

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