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DEP approves GES cleanup technologies

Staff report

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection has added three GES’ Max-Ox Group patented remediation processes to its list of approved technologies.

The technologies, which have been used at over 400 remediation sites across the country, utilize a combination of ozone and hydrogen peroxide and/or hydrogen peroxide and sodium persulfate injection for aggressive and cost-effective soil and groundwater remediation.

HypeAir® is a short term in-situ chemical oxidation technique that usually involves a series of multi-day injection events and limited capital costs. HypeAir-Ex® typically involves continuous-operation ozone and hydrogen peroxide injection for less than 16 months, and is typically used for large-scale plumes, NAPL impacts such as coal tar and creosote impacts, or targeting contaminants with low clean-up requirements. Six-Phase Chemical Oxidation is an enhancement to these technologies and includes the simultaneous injection of ozone, hydrogen peroxide and sodium persulfate to yield six oxidizing species to aggressively remediate contaminants.

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